About Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is one of those mobile games that very soon becomes an addiction. Forget Saturday night out with the boys or those dreary hours waiting for the train. Flappy Bird is sure to drain away hours, even days of your time, before you even realize they are gone. Developed by a guy in Vietnam and coded in just 3-4 days Flappy Bird is reputed to have made $50,000USD each day in advertising revenue. That is A LOT of people playing Flappy Bird! The stats claim there were at times up to 2-3 million downloads of the game every day from both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Unfortunately on the 9th February 2014 the game was removed from iTunes and Google Play after the creator declared publicly that the Flappy Bird viral sensation would be removed from sale. There was much speculation about the reasons why this top little money maker was being withdrawn. Some stories claimed ‘legal issues’ and ‘to increase the hype’. In an exclusive interview with Forbes, the creator Dong Nguyen stated that he just wanted peace and that the game had caused many sleepless nights for him and he felt it had become an addiction.

All those people who have downloaded and installed the Flappy Bird app on their phones before it was removed are still able to play the game with no issues. If you didn’t the only way to be able to play this awesome game is now online. See below for instructions on how to play Flappy Bird online for free.

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